• Burfitt for Mysore Yoga Paris

    ”I like to develop my old ideas, they need to ’cook’ for a while, and then they explode into creation...”

    Lovisa Burfitt is one of our oldest friends in Stockholm and we have worked together on several projects over the years. Her clothes are dangerously addictive and we seem to be unable to get enough of her printed tees and illustrations. Lovisa´s style is theatrical with a touch of ‘Paris noir’, artistic and contemporary at the same time. When she draws, her pen appears restless, as if it were just a happy coincidence that made the drawing just right. Lovisa´s work can be seen in Vogue, Elle, Sunday Times etc. These days she lives in an eco-village in Spain, still working internationally as an artist and illustrator but has cut down on her own fashion label Burfitt -except for the unique pieces made exclusively for Mysore Yoga Paris.

    Name: Lovisa Burfitt

    Label: Burfitt for Mysore Yoga Paris

    Age: 39

    Nationality: Swedish, born in Australia.

    How did it all begin?
    Since I was a kid I dreamt about becoming a fashion designer! I had no clue what that was really, but a childhood friend explained that it was someone like me, who is always drawing, who sews their own clothes – which, incidentally, I was making from mum’s old curtains or dad’s old leather jacket!

    What is the philosophy behind your creations?
    Do what you are good at and have fun doing so! It is a real pleasure to be able to make a living from your own creativity.

    How did your relationship with Mysore Yoga Paris evolve?
    Kia and Magnus use their clothes in the same way as I do – so that divisions between sports, yoga, leisure and party are pretty blurry. They have worn clothes from my previous collections till they were nearly falling apart – and were always being asked where did you get that, where can I buy that? So we thought, why don't we do something together, with the beautiful combo of my usual style and Kia's yoga shala Mysore Yoga Paris - and here's the result! A top can be combined with jeans, or a skirt and high heels for work, or with tights (but no heels recommended!) for yoga. You want to be comfy but wear a piece of clothing you really like, both during and after your yoga practice.

    Tell us about your creative process...
    I like to develop my old ideas, they need to "cook" for a while, and then they explode into creation.

    You have undergone a dramatic life change, exchanging big-city life in Paris for an eco-village in Spain - how has it affected you...?
    Yeah, a big change for sure! Instead of waking up to cars honking, and workers hacking the streets away to set up a new tramway system, I am awoken by birds drilling, and my cats asking for food (usually by nibbling my toes or throwing themselves at the door). I find the latter more pleasant! I still love city life, but now I live in a calmer rhythm, drawing at home, taking a break to look after my vegetables and flowers... and then getting my dose of the big city when I travel for work and meetings. I love the mix.

    What is your relationship with yoga and has it changed you in any way?
    Yoga gives a rhythm to my breathing and it helps everything in the body to move and circulate. I love the feeling of having stretched out every secret muscle I did not know existed in my body.  And it really helps my sleep.

    What inspires you to keep on practising?
    I really see it on my skin and I can feel my body asking me to please, please go back to practising when I have had a break.  I also have less energy, my skin fades, my muscles weaken, and I get little aches and pains... I ask my self: ‘What did I do all my life until now, without you, yoga?’

    What do you wear when you practise?
    A sleeveless top and my Mysore Yoga Paris leggings, or shorts during the hot summer.

    Where do you go for peace, style, inspiration, food and fun in Paris? 
    Serge Lutens - Salon de Palais Royal, 25 rue de Valois/142 Galerie de Valvois, 75001 Paris
    This exclusive perfume emporium conceived by Serge Lutens of Shiseido will take your breath away. The boutique, situated in the beautiful Palais Royal, is a rare pearl whose purple art deco finish makes it a suitably seductive place in which to try out the heady mixes. Lutens is based in Morocco and favours dark, spicy and mysterious tones with evocative names such as ‘Tubereuse Criminelle’
    La Jolie Garde-robe, 15 rue Commines, 75003 Paris
    My favourite vintage fashion store. You find beautiful pieces from all the big fashion houses.
    Musee de la vie Romantique -Hôtel Scheffer-Renan, 16 rue Chaptal - 75009 Paris
    The garden is in a typical rose-filled Parisian courtyard,, with a cafe in the former greenhouse. The painter Ary Scheffer and the writer George Sand lived and worked here, in the spirit of Romanticism and Classicism. A room in the house is now a museum dedicated to George Sand, including furniture, photos, cigarette cases, jewelry, and even samples of her hair. 
    Kunitoraya, 39, Rue Saint-Anne
    For udon (the large, round white noodles) in soup bowls with tasty additions such as tempura, shrimp fried in batter, duck, or tofu. Also offers tasty side dishes, which they call tapas, adopting the Spanish term. Try the tofu tapas.
    Higuma, 32 bis, Rue Saint-Anne
    Higuma always has long queues!, It’s really a Chinese-style Japanese restaurant with an open kitchen in the front, serving up stir fry in woks, dumplings (gyoza) and more.
    L'Hotel Paris, 13 Rue des Beaux-Arts, 75006 Paris
    A beautiful and unique hotel with restaurant, bar and hammam. Take a drink in the bar and enjoy the typically eccentric French interiors. This is where Oscar Wilde lived and died. and where you can also find signed portraits of many celebrities including Johnny Depp.

    Lovisa Burfitt photographed by Kia Naddermier in Paris 2011Illustration by Lovisa BurfittIllustration by Lovisa BurfittIllustration by Lovisa BurfittIllustration by Lovisa Burfitt