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      Inspiration, Conversations, Exploration and Yoga

      Le Yoga Shop Paris in collaboration with some of our generous, talented, dedicated and mad friends: Perrine du Chaffaut, Ola Rindal, Thomas Erber, Jan Welters, Anne Palmer, Annemarie Sheridan, Agathe Philbé, Chris Patmore, Tina Magnegård Bjers, Caroline Wachsmuth, Lovisa Burfitt, Lise de la Brosse, Laure Dansou, Tanya Koch, Marie and Alex Thumerelle at OFR, Jessica Bardbury at Shoot Europe, Chris Ebbe, Ann Ringstrand at Hope, Lucy Pinter at Superfine, the team at Operation Shanti, Alex Kummerman and team at Clicmobile.

      Merci - we love you!

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